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3D technologies remind us of our old gold childhood days where we were captivated by the incredible effects of 3D animation in movies experienced by wearing 3D glasses.

The charm of 3D animation which set foot into the world a few decades before is never fading and its growing popularity has sowed the seeds for the rise of new and more powerful technologies as its successor.

The usage of 3D animation services are not restricted to the film industry. It rather finds applications in websites, television commercials, businesses etc to enhance the 2D images or videos, to animate things that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, and sometimes to create completely imaginative scenes from scratch, backgrounds and all.

3D Sol Arch

Using 2D drafting program for architectural drawings & design proposals is seen as an obsolete practice. Modern day architects opt for 3D animations over pen and paper. 3D modeling and animation gives an architect the ability to foresee the looks and feel of the upcoming and help avert design flaws at very early stages. New augmented reality and virtual reality systems are going to make the experience even livelier.

Medical Education

The medical profession counts on hands-on experience for grooming budding surgeons. 2D drawings and illustrations are associated with their own limitations and hence can never be successful in conveying information about a 3D body.

Though physical 3D models have been used in the past, they too have been proved to be ineffective in training despite being expensive. 3D training, in fact, is a must for effective medical training which is capable of simulating the way real tissues and organs would respond.

3D Sol Military and Police Use

As 3D technology can be used readily & quickly, it finds application in military, police departments and in self-defense courses. It makes it possible to accomplish military and police training without the potential for injury. 3D animation can be used for everything from imparting the knowledge on special tactics to devising strategies on the battlefront and camps, for soldiers.

3D Sol Prototyping for Engineering and technology

3D prototyping has become a common phenomenon for two reasons: Firstly it permits the prototype to be viewed beforehand saving the raw materials. Secondly it is also possible to create rapid physical prototypes from a 3D file. 3D printing shall handle this.

In the realms of engineering and technology, 3D animation fuels quicker and more efficient innovation by creating and testing simulated versions of prototype. Before incorporating 3D technologies engineers were required to work in a physical medium to create and animate physical prototypes.

3D SOL Animation for Commercials, TV's and Movies

Character animation is the sphere of animation that people are well aware of. 3D animation animates characters for commercials, television, and movies, creating unique actors that obeys the commands of the creator. The rich screen presence of the animated actors shall continue to linger on in the minds of audience.


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