Augmented Reality Technology

Gear Up for the biggest technology revolution of the lifetime

Augmented reality has come a long way from fiction to reality. As Augmented reality is available on the mobile handset today, means the design for augmented reality is now an option for all shapes and sizes of UX designers.

Augmented reality differs from virtual reality in the sense that it doesn’t replace the actual world with a virtual world but adds to the real world by overlaying digital content over the real world. It can be experienced through AR glasses, mobile applications or head-mounted devices.

By empowering your mobile application with Augmented Reality (AR) it is possible to effectively reach out to millions of users. The trend of mobile apps & devices augmenting the reality in our vicinity is on the rise and your business can be a forerunner of the trend to brighten your business prospects.

AR Engineering and architecture

The Engineering and architectural job site, as well known, is associated with Paper drawings, sketches, and design plans which can be smartly visualized with 3D models, drones by means of augmented reality which can provide a real-life experience of the physical designs. They bring alive the blueprints and images for clients to gain a first-hand knowledge on how their dream home might look.

AR Entertainment Google

Elders in the family always get vexed over the prolonged usage of digital gadgets by the kids of current generation. Colouring book is a 3D form augmented reality app that is developed to encourage the kids involvement in real-life activity of colouring. This app transforms the coloured 2D image into its 3D version enhancing the liveliness of the activity and igniting the creativity of the tender minds. Having 3D animals leaping over the paper will also take the parents of the kids down the memory lane and invoke the child within them ! Sitting beside their favourite superhero is a nightmare for kids & such applications help them enjoy the world of fantasy.

AR Health Care

There are amazing AR applications for Health care sector which come to the aid of medical students in deciding the course of treatment for patients. Coupled with VR, these mixed reality (MR) applications can deliver real-time information in the surgical sphere grooming trainee doctors to perform surgeries independently. Few AR applications apart from helping doctors help patients too in identifying & describing their symptoms better. People who run short of words to express how they feel can make use of such apps.


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