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Embrace AR/VR technologies to transform your business

Not so long ago, business data were completely analogue as they were recorded on paper. If you wanted to gather or share information, you may have dealt with a huge pile of physical documents.

But now we are in the era of industry 4.0. More data has been created in the last three years than ever been created before. This revolution doesn’t depend on one technology, but several technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and so on...

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are expected to play a leading role in Industry 4.0, as It opens various doors to develop innovative solutions as manufacturing units equip themselves with technically advanced machinery and data managing platforms. These changes will help in refining the production capabilities, and meet the customer requirements.

DT Manufacturing Time and cost

The VR & AR revolution has scaled a new horizon, with a spurt in enterprise adoption. Market leaders in every sector have already started presenting their prototypes in 3 Dimensional form, powered by VR & AR, to their clients. By this approach it is possible to engage stakeholders, collect their feedback & change designs rapidly in realtime. This makes it possible to bring down prolonged feedback cycles or do away with the expenses associated with prototype manufacturing besides decreasing the time to market.

Business man pressing high tech type of modern graph on a virtua

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality applications have penetrated multiple domains such as media, gaming, marketing, traveling, etc. In a nutshell, these mixed reality technologies deliver great value for new or existing businesses in the current era.

According to a reliable forecast, Augmented Reality is expected to be adopted by around 1 billion users towards the end of 2020. The global shipment of AR glasses is expected to reach 5.4 million units by the end of the current year.

In the years to come, advances in mixed reality technologies will lead to the betterment of human lives. In the near future, our gestures and emotions will be sufficient for interfacing with digital information. Screens or Hardware will not be mandatory.

DT Realtime instructions

Market leaders have now transcended the experimental phase with AR/VR devices to using mission-critical applications. The product manuals will go outdated in the future with VR/AR applications taking over online manuals. VR headsets & AR glasses allow for hands-free usage, issue real-time instructions in accordance with user action.

DT Management Guidance

AR/VR applications make the data on employee’s performance instantly available to the floor supervisors. They can gain hands on knowledge and figure out issues even before the concerned employee realizes that he/she have gone wrong.

Such a proactive approach to training is the need of the hour. Supervisors have a clarity on where they have to devote their time and effort in order to get the best outcome. In brief, AR will empower supervisors with the prerogative of analytical and observational superpowers.

DT Customer Experience

The fourth industrial revolution, underway, may be viewed as a cream of the automation incorporating Internet Of Things(IoT ) sensors. Businesses are increasingly switching over to this trend to realize the amazing benefits it offers.The shift from analogue to digital technologies is going to be the game-changer in the future.

The triumphant AR implementation into a business model can seriously impact the way consumers perceive its stores of the future. This comes handy in building an excellent rapport and cementing the relationship with your customers. New competitions can come from unexpected quarters as the awareness on digital transformation is spreading at a fast pace. Companies which are not in a position to face this challenge are liable to be sidelined by their competitors. So kickstart digital transformation using VR, AR technologies at the earliest.


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