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AR and VR technology brought about a revolution in the world of gaming that was once considered impossible. The gaming industry has shown rapid growth in recent years. The development of the gaming industry is dominated by smartphone users, who spend many hours playing mobile games or new gaming technology.

Gaming Overview

Brochure: AR/VR Adoption in the Gaming Industry

Gaming Benefits

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) development offers innovative solutions for many industries in the Gaming sector which includes

  • Brings change & variety in games
  • Allow us to play in Multi-Dimensional experience
  • Makes the players to be physically active
  • Encourages players to interact with each other

We provide high quality design and development solutions for the gaming industry made with the latest technologies in the market.


DevDen develops best in class and multi-level games. We try to solve business problems related to various aspects in the gaming industry.

Branding & Promotions

We offer gaming services for branding and customer engagements. We create games for movies, new product launches and for social media promotions.

Art & Design

We create aesthetically pleasing art for games and your media with AR & VR technology.

Game Development

We develop Mini games, Big games and Multi-level games compatible to all the devices with interactive experience.

Games for Events

We develop interactive games for corporate events, games for demos and team building activity with facial recognition, object recognitions and all kinds of complex back end solutions.

Why DevDen?

DevDen is committed to helping our clients to reach their goals, personalizing their gaming needs and providing an innovative experience

Gaming What makes us unique?
What makes us unique?

We offer AR/VR solutions based on cultural issues and gaming skills needed to succeed in the digital world.

Global Know-How

Domain Experience

Latest Innovations

Technical Experts


virtual reality ourskillsvirtual reality ourskills

Ahila Kantharuban

Founder and CEO, Agora Designs (Design Crasher)

I worked with DevDen to create some 3D furniture models for my app Design Crasher. As an interior designing app it needed some high quality 3D models. When I reached out to DevDen, Ram and Prabakaran were very helpful. Especially, Prabakaran was always available to address my concerns. They created beautiful and realistic looking models that met my high expectations. I would definitely continue to work with them in the future.

Siva Prasad – Director of Technology

Onix Media Studio

I’m using DevDen’s services for two different projects and have been working with them for a few months now. They are always on time with their deliveries and never let me down. Their level of quality is unmatched. They listen to what I need and always deliver quality output. They are also very responsible when working with deadlines.


Global VR Consultant

It is always a pleasure to work with DevDen. Very dedicated team lead by Mr.Ram. They know their job well, well planed and the team will come up with all the questions upfront before they start their work. Their USP is “On Time Delivery”. The team had stretchered on holidays to complete the last minute updates that we had given. Our clients were very happy with the 3D models for the learning App. Always recommend Devden to my friends and colleges. Have worked, Am working and will continue to work with Devden ALWAYS! Good Luck Team!


Both AR and VR have changed the way of playing games in the recent period. The future of both AR & VR technologies in gaming promises players more immersive gameplay, control and entertainment.

Augmented Reality allows the users to interact with both the real world and digital elements with immersive experiences.

AR adds reality through Mobiles phones and tabs, VR creates a new reality with headsets. AR is better for isolated, technical contents, VR is better for complex, soft-skill contents.

Various VR gaming  accessories such as VR headsets, sensor-equipped gloves,hand controllers and devices supporting VR technology.

Virtual Reality is a game changer in the gaming industry and improves user experience by providing gamers  with appealing virtual objects and the possibility to take players into the game in real time.

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